The casual and informal “City Hotel” restaurant is a harmonious combination of traditional Asian and European cuisine, oriental interior, hospitality and high quality of service. For us, every client is, first of all, a guest, and in Asia it is customary to treat guests with special respect and love. Therefore, we meet you with a smile and are sincerity!

Guests often ask us: what is the special secret of our tasty dishes? Why do ordinary dishes acquire a unique and special taste? In fact, there are no secrets. We just love our job. In the preparation of dishes we use only the freshest and natural products of local produce. Natural products and spices turn into real works of culinary arts in the hands of our professional chefs.

We pay special attention to the atmosphere of the establishment. It is important to us that our guests surrounded with the utmost care and attention!

Breakfast Buffet

Meet the morning of a new day thoroughly refreshed! The buffet breakfast served every day at the “City Hotel”, which includes hot dishes, cereal, porridge with vitamins, cold snacks. And freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits, will charge you with energy and vivacity for the whole day.

A la carte “All day Dining”

The menu consists of a variety of dishes to choose from, as well as special dishes from our chef, you will be surprised by the result!

Lobby bar

Ideal place to meet for a cup of coffee or something stronger! In the range of a wide variety of cocktails, soft drinks, light snacks and much more, to pass time in pleasant atmosphere. The bar is open 24/7.

Room Service

Can`t be bothered to go down to the restaurant? No problem! “City Hotel” Bishkek provides 24-hour room service for all the guests.